Garage & Loft Conversions

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Loft Conversions in York & Leeds

Are you in need of extra space within your home but don’t want the upheaval or expense of an extension?
If so, a garage or loft conversion may be the solution. Many homes have rooms and spaces that are never used or not utilised to their full potential.

Leeds York Building Company have assisted many clients who need extra space but don’t have the budget or want the inconvenience of building an extension.

Many lofts and garages provide an excellent footprint for you to achieve your desired space. From home offices to extra bedrooms, garage and loft conversions are a hassle free, cost effective building solution.

Conversions are not only limited to lofts and garages. Many properties have unused spaces such as utility rooms or additional bathrooms and bedrooms which can be repurposed to suit your requirements.

Are you interested in a garage of loft conversion?
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